idalko managed services

Managed Services for your
atlassian toolset and linux infrastructure

The Only Platinum Atlassian Partner for Belgium

Moving IT tasks to managed services of iDalko ensures you can avail the industry best practices for Linux, IT standardization, and Atlassian application support.

Managed Services by Idalko
Tailored to your Business needs

Managed Services by iDalko is all about letting you focus on your core business while our team takes care of your company’s digital environments. While you can choose to continue owning your hardware/vm and software, you secure a managed IT services agreement with Idalko to handle management, operations of the Linux infrastructure and applications.

Just like a good suit, our Managed Services are tailor-made. We start with assessing the current situation and setting up the new environment. Next we set up everything from your Linux infrastructure to an Atlassian eco-system including products like Confluence, Jira, and Atlassian add-ons. This is a one-off cost.

Once everything is set up, our Managed Services include monitoring your Atlassian products, the installation of updates, protecting your data and keeping performance at the highest level. Beyond the advantages of a tailor-made suit, our Managed Services are made with growth in mind and are perfectly scalable alongside your business.

atlassian tools for platinum atlassian partner


Automated monitoring keeps your digital environment healthy. We monitor your servers, Atlassian applications, and run custom scripts on applications, processes, and whatever else needs watching. If an issue is reported, our agents jump into action and resolve it as quickly as possible. Once a month, we summarize the performance and status of your environment(s) in a clear overview.

Update Support

The time to worry about software patches and OS updates is (finally) over. iDalko keeps your environment(s) as crisp as a cracker by updating your operating systems and Atlassian products whenever needed. We’ll help you find a date to install these updates off-hours so it won’t interfere with your business. To make sure that everything keeps on running smoothly, we perform extensive validation of your system after each update.

atlassian tools for platinum atlassian partner

Data Protection

By setting up data protection, back-up and disaster recovery your company will be future-proof. This installation is customized to your specific needs. For example, we deploy each Atlassian application using two containers: one for the application and a relational database (usually using Postgresql). After set-up, your data will be monitored systematically and automatically. By running regular security scans and performing system upgrades, security issues that may affect your data will be tracked down as soon as possible. 

Performance and structure

iDalko’s team wants to ensure that your environment keeps up the desired performance level. This is why we perform daily audits to see how your installation is doing and make adjustments where needed. For all your questions, we provide an easy-to-use ticketing system so you can quickly report issues or make requests. We will get to these issues within 2 hours of them being raised depending on your SLA.

Together with our Managed Services comes a WIKI where clients can find relevant information such as their SLA, a description of your environment(s) and PDF copies of your Monthly report. Did Helen, your co-worker, win the lottery and decide to get lost on a tomato farm somewhere down south? You and your co-workers can simply catch up on this WIKI saving everyone a lot of time trying to jam her back into the office.

Do what you do best
Let us take care of the rest

Why iDalko Managed Services?

Knowledge and Expertise

Leading-edge technologies and processes are the forte of a specialized service provider like iDalko.

We are a fully certified platinum Atlassian partner.

You can rely on top Linux experts to manage your infrastructure.

Budget Control

Fixed recurring cost
and a steady budget.

Agility In Mind

ITIL and Agile is our way of life and work.

You can expect a pro-active approach and swift interventions in a traceable and organized way.

Knowledge Retention

We document your systems and track the changes.

We set up processes to avoid "Brain Drain". Never worry for your company when somebody switches jobs or worse, moves to another company.


Easy scalability of the services. 
Our managed services grow with your company.