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Managing Brussels Airport ICT: The secrets to managing the Brussels Airport microcosm

"Ralph’s life is made even easier by relying on iDalko’s managed services. By outsourcing a lot of the busywork that comes with managing a suite on such a large scale, the people in his team can focus on the important things: developing and maintaining the applications that help get travellers to their destination."
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HOW can we help?


24/7 support

Our engineers and systems monitor your environment 24/7/12/365 with a dedication to strive to a 100% availability.


Based on your requirements and our experience we build, design you the ideal platform

Managed services

Concentrate on your core and we will handle the day to day maintenance of your applications and infrastructure.

The deal with Metronom Health: Revolutionizing the business of glucose monitoring

"Removing unnecessary timesinks is vital for Yve and his team since they’re working on a product that needs to be market-ready as soon as possible. By outsourcing distracting things like software updates, the maintenance of add-ons, and paperwork to iDalko’s Managed Services, Metronom Health can focus on their goal."
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we determine together


What are your real problems and needs

We’ll learn all we can about your business in order to understand why you really need our assistance and define how exactly we can assist you.

The ideal scope of the project

Different types of companies and projects require different management. We analyse your current situation and scope a completely tailored solution for you.

The impact on your business

Once we determine your priorities, we’ll be able to see how they’ll impact the project and check the most valuable deliverables.

We listen, we ask, we interact.


GET A direct and realistic approach

Years Of Experience
Customers Worldwide
Days a year in training our engineers
  • We provide our best services regardless of the size of the company
  • We are here to really collaborate with you, not to provide a standard solution
  • We are passionate about our people and open source
  • We never start a project with a tool in mind. We listen to your needs, define a tailored process and then look for the perfect fit for your needs.

Reaching across the globe with TVH: the challenges a global company faces

"Matthias Wiels summarizes the role of managed services in this story: 'In theory, we could train one of our own people to manage our installation. However, since TVH is in the middle of such an interesting growth process with very specific challenges, we much rather dedicate our people to our core business. iDalko’s managed services keep our hands free to lift our company to a higher level.'"
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